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Fresh Roasted Coffee


CDR serves the downtown area of Cochabamba where a number of colleges are near by. CDR serves non alcoholic drinks and food to feed the hungry students. The café offers a place where students can use our wifi to do their homework or meet up to discuss projects. During their downtime students can enjoy board games or play pool. CDR leaders are there to answer any
questions or lend an ear to any student.

Adult Students


CDR offers English as a second language to anyone wanting to learn. CDR offers internships to N. Americans to come and teach Bolivians how to speak the language. CDR uses this tool to form relationships with students and intentionally shares the love of Jesus to them.

Women Holding Hands

Womens Shelter

CDR started a shelter for abused women and their children to escape abuse and violence from their home. CDR also exists as a transition home for girls who have aged out (18) of their orphanage. CDR believes in taking these young ladies in for protection, rather than have them enter into a relationship for which they are not equipped and may become abused women.

Volunteers Cleaning Nature


CDR takes volunteers out into the community to serve as Jesus served. Some volunteers may be believers and some are not. CDR uses this ministry to show the love of Jesus to others, whether serving or being served. Some outreach activities to the community include serving the community at the city dump. Visiting orphanages and providing time with children as well as providing needed resources. CDR also volunteers at other women shelters, bringing love, compassion,
and supplies to those women. CDR clothes and provides blankets and meals to a homeless community in Cochabamba. CDR also takes in country mission trips to the Andes mountains and the jungles of the Amazon. All of this is done to demonstrate how one lives out their faith and
love for others.

Bible Lessons

CDR Church

CDR Church meets every Wednesday in the café where we share a meal, fellowship, and share the Word of God. The church is comprised of volunteers of CDR and homeless men and women who are not welcome in other churches. We praise God and teach the Bible. Men’s and women’s individual bible study times are also made
available during the week.


Sports Ministries

CDR staff and volunteers actively participate in soccer, futsal, or wally. Sports are a key ministry to invite people to share in how to be a follower of Jesus in all areas of life.

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