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Our Team

JJ and Randi

JJ and Randi have served as missionaries in Bolivia from 2010-2019. They are returning to the field as support staff for CDR beginning in 2024. They have 3 children and have been married 28 years. JJ will assist Richard in administrating the café and be the spiritual leader of the leadership team. Randi will serve in the ESL program and use her counseling degree.

Richard and Hayde

Richard and Hayde have been married for 4 years
and have a son Andres who was born Dec 2022.
Richard and Hayde enjoy people and have a heart
for their wellbeing and salvation. They are both
passionate about their faith in Jesus. Richard
enjoys sports and spending time with family and friends. He has attended a Baptist seminary and is studying counseling courses for his ministry. Hayde loves spending time with family and works at an optometrist office as their accountant and receptionist.


Alberto, better known as Beto, has been with CDR since 2017. He became a Jesus follower through the CDR ministry and is well known to all patrons of CDR as the high energy fun loving face of the ministry. Beto met and married his wife (Diana) through the CDR ministry. People care for Beto as his heart is for people.


Jhelmy has been with CDR since 2018 and is a mom to Nicholas, who is 7 years old. She became a Jesus follower through the CDR ministry. She is responsible for all of the
delicious food enjoyed by the college students. She is a trained chef. Her plans include to possibly travel to Europe to continue expanding her skills.


Lydia started attending CDR by bringing her daughters to our events and church. She loved what we did and began to volunteer as we went out to serve. Through this she was asked to come aboard as we needed part time help in cleaning the building. In addition to cleaning, she also covers Beto and Jhelmy in their respective positions when they go on lunch break. Lydia has been married for over 30 years, she has a son and 3 daughters. She also runs a coffee kiosk at a local park on the weekends. Everyone loves her work ethic and fun personality.


Romi, has been with CDR since 2016. She started as an ESL student, gave her life to Jesus and is now in charge of the woman’s shelter. Romi has a passion for struggling women and and infectious laugh and smile. Romi has a degree in psychology and is working on her masters in counseling.


Melissa was a college student when she began attending CDR in 2015. She graduated with a degree in tourism in 2021. She interned two years with the local government, promoting 47 local communities and their rich culture. In November of 2023 Melissa joined our staff as a part time marketing director. Melissa helps keep CDR’s social presence on the web. She is a valuable member of our team and her longevity is a testament to the success of the ministry.

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